Cantilever Racking - Uses & Benefits

cantilever racking is a pretty useful storage solution that is equipped with load-bearing arms that are attached to a large column, which can be moved according to the position of the load from one side to the centre. Unlike any other racking system, cantilever racking gives users the advantage of a load picking side that is free to operate without any constraints from the structural elements. Owing to this unique design, Cantilever racking offers it users the convenience of handling storage of bulky & awkwardly shaped loads with great ease.

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Uses of Cantilever racking... 

Due to its unique design and immense load bearing capacity, cantilever racking offers its users the convenience of handling a diverse range of loads including, long and bulky items, odd shaped furniture and large appliances, large flooring roles, fresh lumber of all shapes and sizes, long textile rolls, plumbing pipes and steel tubes as well.

Cantilever racking can be immensely useful in many scenarios, such as...

1. When you want to store long, bulky and awkwardly shaped loads in your storage facility

2. When you need an unhindered point of entry to the products stored in the warehouse

3. When you want to store different sized loads in the same storage area

4. When you require high visibility of the stored products in your storage area

Cantilever racking offers complete customization...

A wide range of custom designs and available accessories for cantilever racks help them in handling the bulkiest of loads with great ease. Cantilever racks can also be mounted on mobile bases to give them faster and easier access to all kinds of loads stored across the warehouse.

Cantilever racks are also ideal for increasing the storage capacity of a warehouse without restricting direct access to every load stored in the facility. If you want to add to the effectiveness of this storage system, you can also add pallet racks and light-duty pick shelves in your Cantilever racking system to make it an all inclusive storage solution for businesses.

One of the coolest features of Cantilever racks is their unique design ability, which allows this storage system to be adjusted swiftly and easily to suit the varying heights of the load as well. Moreover, the choice of opting a single side or a double side storage based on the load handling requirement makes this storage system a truly versatile one in the market.

Cantilever racks are also available in 3 variants for handling light weights, medium weights and heavy weights. So it becomes all the more easier for users to choose the system that's ideally suited to handle their load requirements.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking...

This ultimate multi-level storage solution is designed to offer greater strength, solidity and safety to all your product storage requirements. It offers several benefits including...

1. Long life due to steel components used in the frame

2. Ability to handle a wide range of loads

3. Vertical adjustment up to 3-4 inches to handle higher loads

4. Choice of going for a Straight arm or angled arm option

5. Fast and easy installation

6. Complete customization